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We are a Planetarium and Science Center of Municipality of the Greater Gaziantep, which is the 6 th biggest metropolitan city of Turkey, located on the board of Syria, with a population over 1.5 million.


We have been open to public since 25 th of December 2010 and working 7/365 days a week/year.


Our center was established in the biggest park of our city and it has approximately 3.500 m2 closed area, four storeys including basement and ground floor and nicely decorated garden,  1.500 m2 in area.



Our planetarium dome is 10.6 m indiameter with 77 seats capacity. It is the first and the biggest immobile/permanent planetarium open to public. Our dome is equipped with ZKP4 star optik projector and 5 Channel full dome digital projectors. Our planetarians present Sky shows by means of analog and digital projectors and play full-dome films.


We also have a science center  with 75 hands-on exhibits.  Our projects going on or done:



  • The scientist of the month, starting with Sir Isaac Newton, in December 2011, supporting videos and/or dramas,
  • Interactive lessons by hands-on exhibits,
  • Interactive astronomi lessons in fulldome 
  • Semester Science Workshops, January 2012
  • Collaboration with Gaziantep University, Enginering Faculty, Electrical and Electronics and Physics Departments, for Social Awareness Project.


Finally, we have a Robot Theatre show, 2 Robothespians, who are very talented robots.